employee time management app with GPS
Employee Time Tracking App

Track Your Employees On The Job With Real-Time Location And Work Data

Location technology has become an integral part of modern workforces where employees have to work at different locations. A key advantage of an employee time clock app for a business’s bottom line is that it reduces administrative, accounting and monitoring costs significantly with automation features that free the employer from the routine time tracking task.

Integrating an app to track logon and logoff times of employees into a business’s procedures can help improve operating costs through reliable metrics of employees’ work hours. The app creates an accurate audit trail in real-time, so the chances of any subjectivity and favoritism in recording are eliminated. iTimePunch Plus is a useful employee time tracking app which is loaded with useful features to help the employers manage their workforce efficiently and remotely.

Some of the key features of iTimePunch Plus include:

Powerful information: You get to know where the most work is happening and who the least performing employees are.

Better planning: With 360-degree visibility of the location and activities of your employees, you can plan in a better way to allocate the right resources for the right job.

Complete trail of data: You get access to accurate timesheets data of work, break timings, location, productivity, etc. that will help in error-free payrolls.

Prevent time theft: Geofencing feature ensures that an employee can’t clock-in or clock-out their time outside of the geo-fenced radius, thus effectively addressing the problem of time theft.

Buddy punching: This useful employee time in and time out app effectively addresses the problem of buddy punching with its selfie feature. It takes a selfie of the employee punching for work, so no one except that particular employee can punch for anyone else.

Improved coordination: Knowing where everyone is working is a great thing. You can remotely coordinate with your teams for better project delivery and outcomes.

Cross-platform integration: This app to track logon and logoff times comes with cross-platform compatibilities and can be used on any Android device, iPhone, tablet, iPad, or Windows or Mac computers.

Internal investigation: If an employee is suspected of wrongdoing, GPS work time clock app can be used for internal investigation purposes.

Prevent unauthorized access

One key advantage of iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app with GPS is that you will be alerted of any unauthorized entry to a site location. This is especially important for construction projects where important and valuable tools are kept that need to be protected from unauthorized access by other teammates and workers. 

Now you need not drive from location-to-location to coordinate with your workforce on the field. With centralized access to your mobile workforce with iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app with GPS, you will have centralized dashboard access to the activities of your employees. You can instruct teams through in-application communication, notifications, alerts, chats and phone calls. 

No specialized software or hardware needed

iTimePunch Plus employee time management app doesn’t require any specialized device or hardware for installation and use. It can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or iPad with internet connectivity. The app won’t drain out your battery power, this lightly-built application won’t consume more power than an average social media app.

Maintaining employee’s privacy

The employee time tracking app has been designed to remain compliant with the privacy and labor laws. It shuts off and will never track the employees’ personal activities and locations once they punch out of the work for a particular day or shift. You can change the settings in the employee time clock app for small businesses to align with your company’s policies so that it doesn’t violate employees’ trust or the law of the land.

Sign up for a FREE 15-day trial

This employee time clock app for small businesses is available in two versions – Startup Plan for up to 10 employees, and Growth Plan for 11 to 50 employees. We have come up with a 15-day free trial offer for new users. Just register your credentials as a boss or business owner and start using the versatile features of the clock in clock out app for Free. Onboarding of company employees can be completed within a matter of minutes.

There is one more version of the time clock app for multiple employees, known as iTimePunch Plus Multi User which can track up to 51 to 500 employees. You can also sign up for a 15-day FREE trial for this employee time tracking app for enterprises.

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