automated employee hours tracker app
Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

Cloud Based Tool to Identify Productivity Weaknesses and Inefficacies of Your Remote Workers

Employee monitoring is the best way to maintain productivity, establish accountability and ensuring adherence to your company’s policies. Managing and monitoring a workforce, especially if you have employees dispersed in different locations, working in different time zones on different pay rates can be challenging. It is also hard to verify the time your employees spend on a task and how productive they are at the workplace. On the flip side, employees may have a hard time explaining how a project took them this much time.

iTimePunch Plus Multi User automated employee hours tracker app can help you in addressing such employees and workplace=related concerns by providing you with a real-time and 360-degree view of your employees no matter where they are located. The cloud=based multi useremployee hours tracker app helps in tracking the productivity rates of your employees with a clear-cut productivity monitoring system.

The insights provided by the GPS time clock app for multiple employees will help you identify productivity weaknesses of your employees and correct any time-wasting behavior quickly before become a group think for your teams. Low productivity not only results in revenue losses for you but ignoring such issues sends a signal to the employees that such behavior is acceptable and they will not bother to improve upon it.

Gain control over unwanted employee behavior

Under-performance affects organizations at all levels. Employee tracking ensures that people are not slacking off while working at remote locations. iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time management app allows you to take control over the unwanted behavior of y our remote workers, such as tardiness, excessive break time, buddy punching, early departures and time thefts You get to know how engaged and effective are your employees at the workplace with real-time data of their project work, timesheets, productivity and location by the employee time clock app.

Regular monitoring of employees’ assignments and project progress will help you look at the big picture which is not possible with an annual appraisal meeting. With iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time tracking application, you gain insights to think beyond the box and figure out which are your overachievers and which ones are underperformers and eating up on your valuable resources and revenue. You can provide active and positive feedback and support your such employees. This way, you can help each your employees to bring their best foot forward and become more productive and engaged at the workplace.

Ensure that the work time is not wasted

The app to track logon and log off times provides you the ability to know whether your employees are indeed doing what they say or slacking off. You can also come to know whether they are engaged in productive office work or simply wasting time in their personal work.

In some cases, the employees may not be lazy or tardy, rather they may be struggling to cope with the demand of their role. iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time management app with GPs helps you in identifying inefficiencies of such employees. You can guide and help them to work more effectively and efficiently.

Flexible plans for businesses of different sizes

The above discussion has shed sufficient light on the importance of GPS work time clock to improve the productivity and efficiency of your employees. If you think that an employee management application would be of real help for your business, you can subscribe for the monthly affordable Growth Plan of iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time tracking application for small businesses with employees’ strength ranging from 11 to 50. For startups with employees’ strength of up to 10, you can subscribe for the Start Up plan of the employee time clock app for small businesses, known as iTimePunch Plus. For enterprises with strength ranging from 51 to 500, iTimePunchPlus Multi User multi user employee time clock app with GPS, is the right choice as it has plenty of team collaboration capabilities.

Try employee management application for FREE for 15 days

However, all of these three plans of the employee punch in app are available for FREE to the new users. Subscribe for free, bring onboard your employees and explore all features of the time in time out app for FREE for a period of 15 days. 

Empowering for your employees

As far as the apprehension of employees about their privacy invasion is concerned, you need to educate them about the benefits they will get from the employee clock in clock out app. You need to take their informed consent about the use of time clock app for small businesses. They may find iTimePunch Plus employee hours tracker to be empowering as it does not collect any data when an employee clocks out from a work shift. Their personal time remains just as personal as no personal data of employees’ activities is collected by the time clock app for multiple employees. Moreover, with an accurate record of their attendance and timesheets, your employees could be assured that they will be paid accurately for their work.

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