Multi User automated employee hours tracker app
Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

It’s Time for A Time Tracking Application for Your Organization

More than ever, organizations big and small are taking measures to track workplace experiences and activities of employees in an effort to measure and improve them.  Management expert Peter Drucker has rightly said that what gets measured gets improved. The organizations tracking the performance of their employees stand to continually benefit with the improved outcome from their employees. Having an objective measure of the employees’ productivity can go a great deal in keeping them motivated with recognitions and helping them where they need support.

Whether or not an employee is billed per hour, time is one of the most important resources of an organization. An employee time management app with GPS makes the employees understand that the time they are currently wasting can be used more productively. 

People do not know how much time they spend on an activity unless there is a mechanism to measure it. iTimePunch Plus multi user employee time clock app with GPS is a productive tool to make sure that the employees are as productive while working at remote locations.

Prioritize the finite work hours

The multi user time clock app for employees provides tangible measurements that you can use to record progress and guide your teams to reach their goals. The multi user employee time clock app with GPS helps you prioritize the finite number of hours in a work shift for the best outcomes from your employees. The employee pinch in app makes the employees to pay attention to what matters most and improve their output with priority job scheduling and milestones.

When timesheets submission is automated and it becomes easier for the team leaders to review them, the quality time of team managers is freed up that they can put to use in other core business processes and performance management.

Achieve your organizational goals

iTimePunch Plus automated employee hours tracker app does more than just clocking the punch in and punch out time of the employees. It helps an organization in achieving its goals and where it is headed. You can view the employees’ timeline; hours spent on each task and assess their productivity.

In-app communication features of the employee management application make collaboration among different teams easier. There is a mutual understanding of the workload among the team members that results in better collaboration and deliveries from each member.

Key business benefits of iTimePunch Plus multi user employee hours tracker app

  • Add transparency to the way you manage your teams
  • Keep your projects on time with automated tracking of progress
  • Productivity measurement and reporting
  • A detailed look into every team member’s workday
  • Smarter insights to make the best decision for your business
  • Summed up reports to analyze your company’s efficiency
  • Monitoring of activities at individual and team levels to improve engagement

The time clock app for multiple employees can help curb productivity losses without you need to continually keep looking over their shoulders. You as a business manager stay in the loop of their daily activities with the time in time out app’s interactive dashboard.

Seamless payroll, attendance and benefits management

With so much variation in employees’ productivity metrics related to time spent, services rendered, location, milestones and hourly rates, iTime Punch Plus employee time clock app for multiple employees does the most good when it comes to HR and payroll management, balancing offs, overtime and vacations, and integration of benefits as you have qualitative information presented on your handheld dashboard in a seamless way.  You can track how much time is used productively and how much is wasted by each of your individual employees.

Moreover, an employee time punch app proves to the client’s that they are billed correctly and getting their money’s worth. Clients can see how much time it takes to reach a milestone, and know exactly what they are being billed for. A GPS work time clock has proven to not only improve productivity but also focus for an extended period of time.

You need not install iTimePunch Plus time clock app for multiple employees on the smartphone of each of your employees as the cloud-based application is accessible from anywhere and on the go via a web-based real-time dashboard.  The employee time in and time out app has features that make it possible for the employees to take proactive accountability for their work.

Try the app for free

Three plans are available for iTimePunch Plus employee hours tracker app. Startup Plan of the employee time clock app is for startup businesses with up to 10 employees. Growth Plan of the employee time tracking application for small businesses is for the businesses with employees’ strength ranging from 11 to 50. For enterprises, there is Enterprise Plan of another version of this employee time tracking app, known as iTimePunch Plus Multi User. You can add 51 to 500 employees to the Enterprise Plan of iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee clock in clock out app to your account.

All three plans of the GPS time tracking workforce app are available for a 15-day free trial for the new users. Sing up as a boss in the app, invite or add your team members on the dashboard and experience the features of iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app absolutely free for a period of 15 days. Thereafter, you can subscribe to a monthly or quarterly affordable plan.

Many of our clients have become a big fan of the features and the level of granularity provided by iTimePunch Plus employee time management app. Enroll for a 15-day free trial of a plan of the app that fits your needs best.

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