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Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

Build Belongingness in Your Remote Teams for Improved Collaboration and Efficiency

Modern organizations recognize that to be leaders in the industry, they need a workforce that works in cohesion and effectively. For the employees to work efficiently and effectively, the workforce should be kept motivated and involved. It’s the employees’ motivation and engagement that drives organizational success. To help the employees leverage their skills set in a collaborative way, organizations need a multi user employee time clock app with GPS that can help create a sense of belonging, no matter where they work, on-premises or in the field at different locations as a multi user employee hours tracker comes with collaboration features that make the teams work in cohesion and productively. 

The success of employee rewards and recognition depends on employee monitoring and evaluation system. iTimePunch Plus multi user time clock app for employees helps in knowing what is not working properly as an error or tardy behaviour of employees can eat up an organization’s valuable resources. The employee management application can change a lot of things for better in your organization with its multitude of features.

Know about what doesn’t work for you

The timesheets created by the GPS time clock for multiple employees provides the employer and employees a good idea of what worked and what didn’t. It shows clearly what goals have been achieved and what is still needed for improvement.

An automated employee hours tracker app lets the employers know how much each project costs to the company and how much you should charge your customers. Managers can align their employees around expectations and help them achieve organizational goals. Your remotely working team members will feel connected at all times while using iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app for multiple employees.

Embracing mistakes instead of passing blames

Instead of blaming the employees for their faults, a time clock app for multiple employees will help them embrace mistakes and improve upon them. This leverage to try and fail motives employees and makes them more engaged.  Collaboration features of the employee time tracking application for small businesses allows the teams to look for a solution together and work for better outcomes on each project hey work on. When private time is chosen, employees can do something quickly unrelated to work that won’t be tracked. They can restart tracking feature when they begin official work again.

Employees need to see the bigger picture to instil a sense of purpose and contribute to the goals and larger vision of the company. iTimePunch Plus GPS work time clock provides a broader view of the employees’ activities to help the employers know how their remote workforce is functioning.

Valuing team’s success

Your team’s success depends on how valued your employees feel valued and judged, not invalidated. The employee time clock app for small businesses does not intimidate employees as it stops all tracking activities as soon as an employee punches out from their work shift. This way, it ensures that no personal data of the employees is collected, and their personal lives remain as personal.

However, continuous monitoring involves processing and monitoring costs that could become prohibitive over a period of time. Installing an employee monitoring system could create an unnecessary burden on an organization as it is not just a onetime cost. However, cloud-based iTimePunch Plus GPS work time clock is available on an affordable monthly subscription and can be accessed from any device, any time.

Flexible subscription plans

iTimePunchPlus employee time management app is available in three versions. The Startup plan of the employee time clock app for small businesses is for startups with up to 10 employees. The Growth Plan of iTimePunch Plus employee clock in clock out app is for small and medium businesses with employees’ strength ranging from 11 to 50. The Enterprise Plan of the employee time tracking app, known as iTimePunch Plus Multi User is for enterprises with employees’ strength ranging from 51 to 500. All these plans of iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app are available on an affordable monthly subscription.

15-day free trial offer for all new subscribers

However, the new users are given free access of iTimePunch Plus app to track log on and log off times for a period of 15 days. If you are running a startup, small or medium business, or an enterprise-grade business, you can register your credentials for free on iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app and use all its features for free for a period of 15 days. Employee onboarding is easy and quick. Bring your employees’ onboard on iTimePunch Plus employee time tracking app so that they can also acquaint themselves with its various features and benefits. The employees would find it useful as it empowers them with its various features that strengthen transparency and support them in team building efforts.

Also, accurate timesheet management means that payrolls and client billing will be accurate and error-free. This ensures that both your employees and clients are satisfied with minimum chances of confusion or conflict. This way, the app helps in improving the employees’ productivity and efficiency, and also the bottom line of your organization. Enrol for a 15-day free trial of iTimePunch Plus and make your organization increasingly productive and profitable.

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