Multi User employee time management app with GPS
Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

Strength Based Culture and Aligned Goals are Important Drivers of Organizational Goals

Workplace success involves a range of employee metrics that need to be carefully monitored and analyzed for best outcomes. These include the level of employee engagement, the quality of work produced by them, how efficient they are in achieving their goals and their motivation level. However measuring these metrics is not possible with a multi user employee time clock app with GPS.

Employee motivation is important to keep them involved and productively engaged. Motivated employees provide a higher level of outputs. They are eager to work together in teams and collaborate more effectively for better and collective output.

An employee’s efficiency is not based entirely on their qualification and experience. It has a lot more to do with the ability of an employee to perform a task and their willingness to perform the task. The employees doing this are able to achieve an increased level of productivity and improvement in their efficiency. An efficient employee is more valuable to an organization as they produce quality work in a relatively less amount of time. This results in more profits for an organization and they may be able to beat the competition in an efficient way. iTimePunch Plus multi user employee hours tracker app has inbuilt features that are designed to improve the efficiency of each employee. It provides an accurate and real-time data of the employees’ activities along with their location data that can be viewed by the team leaders remotely. They can take measures in good time to guide their staff for better efficiency and productivity.

Why employee monitoring matters?

If no monitoring is done, the employees may feel disengaged with the workplace and become unproductive. Companies can take proactive steps to keep their employees motivated and engaged. An employee time management app with GPS helps keep the employees to stay actively engaged for better outputs and productive results.

 Actively disengaged employees do the most harm to an organization. They are emotionally detached with their company and may actually be working against the interests of their employer. They are more likely to exhibit problem behaviors such as time theft, missed work day, dearly departures, putting only time but not efforts and energy into the work, negatively influence the coworkers, and drive customers away.

Engaged employees are more satisfied

Employees will take pride in getting more engaged in their work if they are aware of how their individual contribution create a positive impact on the organizational goals. The employee punch in app keeps the employees engaged and more interested in organizational success. The employees who believe that the management is concerned about them are more fulfilling and satisfied that leads to better output from each one of them and an overall improvement in organization’s bottom line. When employees feel that the managers are invested in them, their engagement level with the work is increased.

Successful business managers focus on the strengths of employees, rather than their weakness. In a strength-based culture, employees learn about their roles more quickly and produce better work. With punch time clock hours tracker, business managers can define roles clearly. It removes ambiguity and fixes responsibility and accountability. Such employees perform better and deliver better on a consistent basis.

Ethical monitoring practices

The automated employee hours tracker app is designed keeping the privacy of the employees in mind. You can get the informed consent of your staff before starting monitoring. This is a legal and ethical practice in the USA and many other countries of the world.  Practicing ethical employee mentoring reduces many employee issues that cause small and medium businesses to lose money. Without an employee time clock app for multiple employees, your remote workers may otherwise behave in a manner which is detrimental to the organizational interests

Performance checks by the employee management application help in uncovering the hidden issues in employees’ activities. Employee distraction at the workplace is a common issue. Most of the people do not understand how much time they waste each day at the workplace in distractions, unproductive tasks and non work related activities. The time clock app for multiple employees addresses a range of employee issues related to their productivity and engagement. With real-time timesheet and GPS data, the GPS work hour tracking app provides detailed information to the business managers about their activities.

Scalable plan for different business sizes

The data collected by the employee time in time out app facilities transparent billing and invoicing and can be shared with the clients. This helps build client trust in an organization and they are likely to bring repeat business with the organization and engage with it on long-term projects. The employee time clock app with GPS allows the organizations to create aligned goals wherein everyone works together. It is easier for an employee to feel lost if there are no collective goals to achieve. When an employee understands their role clearly, they work efficiently for the collective team and organizational goals.

Employees’ engagement is a powerful means to build and maintain a successful business

If you need to make decisions for some organizational changes, be it operational or procedures, you can take it based on the actual data available with you provided by the GPS work time clock, instead of the pure intuition. This will help you take better decisions based on the best interest of your employees and organization. The employee time tracking application for small businesses provides business managers the capability to synchronize their workplace and remote-employee operations simultaneously.

Get a 14-day free trial

iTimePunch Plus employee  time management app comes with three affordable subscription plans. Startup Plan of the employee time clock app for small businesses is for the companies with up to 10 employees. Growth Plan of employee hours tracker is for small and medium businesses with employees’ strength of 11 to 50. Enterprise Plan of the employee time punch app, known as iTimePunch Plus Multi User, is for the businesses with employees’ strength ranging from 51 to 500. 

However, new users can sign up for a 15-day free trial of iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app. Just sign up for a 15-day free trial of the app to track logon and logoff times and get benefitted from its multitude of employer and employee empowering features.

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