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Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

Workforce Productivity and Analytics Solution to Improve Your Organizational Baseline

Work that feels meaningful is inherently more engaging. Meaningful work makes the employees feel satisfied and happier about what they do and how are they contributing to the success of the organization. That’ the reason, organizations use a time tracking app that provides clear and accurate visibility of the work done by the employees and management. iTimePunch Plus multi user employee hours tracker app keeps an accurate and real-time record of the timesheet with GPS data. Each employee knows clearly about their productivity and the worth of their work that makes them more involved and engaged with the work assigned to them.

As a manager, you would like your employees to feel pride in the work they do and what they work in the company. The timesheets and productivity reports created by the multi user employee time clock app with GPS can be synced and integrated with accounts and HR departments for flawless processing An engaged and motivated employee works harder for the common goal of the organization and the values it represents.

Keep your workforces optimized

Establish a top-performing baseline for your remote teams with GPS work time clock. The punch in and out app provides you powerful data for more productive and efficient teams. iTimePunch Plus is a useful workforce productivity and analytics solution that helps organizations with remote workers know what their employees are doing and which areas of their work are more productive and which one need support for improvement.

Thanks to the employee time tracking app for small businesses, you can track your remote teams efficiently with daily activity report of their work shifts time use. The time clock app for multiple employees allows you to analyze the behavior of employees, how they use their work time and remove wasteful practices that result in cumulative losses over a period of time if not addressed and fixed in time.

Some of the key benefits of iTimePunch Plus GPS work hour tracking app are provided below:

  • Employers can manage operational costs with complete visibility of the workforce
  • Discover workload patterns and identify underperforming and overworked employees
  • Compare work and passive time to uncover gaps in productivity
  • Ascertain the effectiveness of new operating procedures
  • Make changes in real-time for ongoing improvements
  • Receive notifications for deviations from standard procedures
  • Unified communication among teams for better collaboration
  • Share productivity reports with clients for accurate billing

Keeping the team aligned to goals

The time clock app for multiple employees allows your remote teams to connect regularly and stay on top of their productivity line. The cloud-based automated employee hours tracker app provides contextual data and insights that allow mid-market organizations, enterprise and multi-national companies to become more productive while staying compliant to the local labor laws.  To ensure that our employees are progressing towards their individual and organizational goals, the employee hours tracker app allows you to schedule shifts and allocate resources on better-paying projects for increasing ROI.

Organizations across the industry spectrum find the employee punch in app very useful and have been benefitting from its various employees’ empowering features that provide them control of their work, while providing the management capability to improve the output of each individual employee and keeping them at an optimum level.

Sign up for 15-day free trial

If you have workforces at multiple locations, you may want iTimePunch Plus employee time management app to incorporate in your work culture. If you are running a startup, you can buy the Startup Plan which of the iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app for small businesses which is meant for use by startups with up to 10 employees. For small and medium size businesses, Growth Plan of the employee time in time out app is available for the organizations with 11 to 50 employees. For Enterprises, the Enterprise Plan of the iTimePunch Plus Multi User is meant for the businesses with employees’ strength ranging from 51 to 500 employees. All these three plans of iTimePunch Plus employee time in and time out app are available on an affordable monthly subscription. However, new users are allowed to use iTimePunch Plus  for free for a period of 15 days. Just sign up yourself as a business owner on the app, quickly bring your employees onboard and use till its features for a period of 15 days for free.

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