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Employee Time Tracking App

Determine Employee Performance at the Workplace by Accurately Measuring Productivity Drivers

What is stopping your employees from performing at their best to achieve individual goals, collective team goals and organizational goals at large? There could be a multitude of factors such as time theft, buddy punching, tardiness, late comings and early departures that may be causing them to underperform. How can you address such issues of your employees, especially when you have workforces in different locations and different time zones, and employees working at different pay rates? A multi user employee hours tracker app is the answer to all your such concerns related to employees’ performance.

iTimePunch Plus is a GPS time clock app for multiple employees that has many features to measure a range of employees’ metrics related to their performance at the workplace, both remote and on-premises. The automated employee hours tracker app measures employees’ productivity scores across a range of performance metrics. Employee productivity is calculated based on the amount of output of a project compared to the amount of time and resources it takes.

Improving your bottom line

A lagging productivity number means that you need to take diagnostic steps as low productivity is indicative of workers’ disengagement. There could be collaboration, motivation and other inefficiency issues that may be hampering the output of your employees. Measuring workforce productivity is important for improving your bottom line as underperforming employees may be eating up your profits on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Such losses can accumulate to a big number over a period of one financial year.

Role-based productivity

The multi user time clock app for employees also allows you to have role-based productivity so that you can assign specific roles to specific projects for best employee outcomes.

Location tracking and emergency alarm features of the iTimePunch Plus GPS time tracking workforce application enhance employees’ safety for the field and remote workers, and those working in a high-risk occupation such as mining and emergency services.

iTimePunch Plus time clock app for small businesses goes well beyond the timesheets app that tracks attendance and billable hours. It is enriched with many employer and employee-empowering features such as expenses management, geofencing, in-app communications, attendance with selfie, in-app communications and payroll management that make ir a versatile app for use by the organizations of various sizes.

How does monitoring help?

We all act better when watched. Similarly, your employees will also perform better when they know that they are being monitored. However, make sure to inform your employees and tell what all the GPS work time clock app will be monitoring. Take their informed consent before integrating the app in your workplace environment. The employee clock in clock out app aggregates all employee productivity data at one place that you can easily share with your accounts and HR departments, and also with your clients for flawless billing and invoicing.

Maintaining boundary between productivity and privacy

iTimePunch Plus employee management application is designed not to cross the boundaries between productivity and privacy. It does no tracking of employees’ activities when they log out of their work shift and enjoying their private time with family or friends.  This is something that your employees will feel welcoming of. They will rather find the app empowering as it ensures accurate payment management. The employees can be assured of getting the right amount of compensation for their work as there is hardly any scope for confusion. The punch in out app also ensures that your clients are billed accurately. This will ensure enhanced client satisfaction and encourage them to remain associated with you for longer.

Flexible subscription plans

iTimePunch Plus employee hours tracker is available in three affordable subscription plans. The Startup Plan of the employee time tracking application for small businesses is available for $12.99 per month for use by companies with up to 10 employees. Growth Plan of the employee time clock app for small businesses is for the companies with employees’ strength ranging from 11 to 50 which is available for $22.99 per month. The Enterprise Plan of the employee time management app, known as iTimePunch Plus Multi User is available for enterprise-grade businesses with employees’ strength ranging from 51 to 500. You can use any of the plans of the app as per your requirements.

Register for a 15-day free trial now

However, new users of iTimePunch Plus GPS work time clock are offered its usage for FREE for a period of 15 days. If you are a new user of the employee time management app, register your credentials on iTimePunch Plus for as a business manager, business owner, team leader or HR manager, and start using its features for free. You can bring your employees onboard to see how it works. Use the 15-day free period of the app to make your employees acquainted with its multitude of employee empowering features. Sign up for a free trial of iTimePunch Plus and enjoy all its features.

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