GPS time tracking workforce application
Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

Discover Unrealized Revenue from Your Workforce with A GPS Work Time Clock

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic-driven business environment, companies big and small now have the need of a GPS work time clock that they can use to monitor their employees working remotely and in fields, and with different pay rates. iTimePunch Plus GPS work hour tracking system provides businesses the ability to track their workers’ activities from a distance to ensure that organizational policies are adhered to.

A multi user time clock app for employees can be used to improve your business processes by making the employees more accountable of their work and more productive. A business manager can use the data provided by iTimePunch Plus GPS work time clock to find out why a particular team is less or more productive than others working on the same location and how much time is spent by the employees on unproductive tasks.

The multi user employee hours tracker app provides a comprehensive picture to the business managers of the work done by the field and on-premises employees. iTimePunch Plus employee management application uses all sorts of data to create a complete picture of the remote workplace’s productivity for you, including the GPS data of the employees’ location, time spent on a project, cost of completing a project, and the hourly output of employees.

Take better business decisions

iTimePunch Plus employee time punch app lets you take better business decisions with its variety of employee-empowering features such as timesheets with location data, hourly productivity metrics, punching with selfie, geofencing and location tracking. You get a comprehensive overview of your employees’ behavior that can be analysed to find out which areas need your attention. You can get rid of what is not working out for you and the activities that are wasting time for your employees.

With its geofencing feature, you can create a digital perimeter beyond which your employees are not allowed to move. This way, you can protect the sensitive areas of the workplace from unauthorized access,

iTimePunch Plus automated employee hours tracker app lets the business managers do behavioral analytics of employees to find out who among the team members is disengaged or headed that way. You will be able to see whose productivity has decreased, increased or remained the same.

No specialized hardware or software needed

You need not have any specialized hardware or software to use this time in time out app. iTimePunch Plus can be used on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop of Mac device as it comes with cross-platform compatibility. It can be seamlessly used across a variety of devices. You need not purchase expensive software or hardware for the same.

Ensuring accountability without being restrictive

Some employers are reluctant to embrace remote working as they fear that employees working remotely may spend their time in unproductive activities or doing personal things. The time in time out app provides the ability to the business managers to remotely supervise their employees. It provides accountability without being restrictive. The employees can clock in at the remote workplace as effortlessly as if they were in office.

Flexible subscription plans

To use iTimePunch Plus GPS time tracking workforce application, you do not need expensive software applications as the cloud-based app is available on an affordable monthly subscription. You can use iTimePunch Plus GPS time clock app for multiple employees as per the needs of the size of your business as the employee time management app with GPS is available with three affordable subscription plans. If you are running a startup business, the Start Up Plan of employee punch in app is available for just $12.99 per month for use by the companies with employees’ strength of up to 10.

If you are running a small or medium business, the Growth Plan of the employee time tracking application for small businesses is available on a monthly subscription of $22.99 for business with employees’ strength ranging from 11 to 50. Enterprise Plan of the punch time clock hours tracker app, known as iTimePunch Plus Multi User is available for use by the businesses with employees’ strength ranging from 51 to 500 on an affordable monthly subscription of $42.99.

Sign up for free trial

The new users can use the app to track logon and logoff times for free for a period of 15 days. If you are a new user of iTimePunch Plus, register your credentials for free on the employee time clock app, and use it for free. The free trial will also help your employees get acquainted with the features of the employee time management app that will also make them comfortable to use it later. Sign up for a 15-day free trial of iTimePunch Plus to get benefitted from its variety of employee-friendly features.

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