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Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

Get Benefitted from GPS Work Time Clock with Improved Employee Efficiency and Productivity

Your employees play a pivotal role in the growth of your organization. It’s hard to get the optimum output and increased benefits if you are assigning tasks to the wrong people. A multi user employee hours tracker app can help you in knowing what is not working right in your remote teams.

When you know who will struggle with what, you will be able to distribute tasks in a better way and assign it to an employee who could do it efficiently. Sometimes, it could mean giving the task to the person who is not capable enough to do it so that he or she can improve, provided that you have time. If there is time and resource crunch, you may rather choose an employee who can do it in their sleep.

However, you cannot take either of these decisions without the relevant data. iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time management app with GPS provides you detailed data about the capabilities  and performance of your each employee that will help you in navigating through your decision-making process.

Automate your administrative burden

The multi user employee time clock app with GPS also allows you to automate a large part of your routine administrative work, such as attendance, payrolls and field shift duty. The multi user time clock app for employees frees up your valuable time that you can use in other tasks that are more important for your core business processes.

With iTimePunch Plus Multi User punch in out app, you get a granular view of what is happening with your remote teams, without physically hovering over their shoulders. For example, if your assets supervisor is taking time, you can give heads up to your accountant who can’t do until the assets manager is done. This way, you can help your teamwork efficiently and gain more synergy from it as a whole.

Customized reports

You can customize the app’s settings for each employee to factor in different pay rates and schedules. The punch in and out app allows you to get custom reports to obtain details about the specific areas of the employee’s performance, such as daily and weekly productivity, return on investment, and output per project. The GPS time tracking workforce application can have great benefits for the employees as they can evaluate their own personal productivity.

Three subscription plans for different business needs

iTimePunchPlus Multi User is available in three flexible plans as per the needs and size of a business. The Enterprise Plan of the automated employee hours tracker app is meant for enterprise-grade businesses with employees strength ranging from 51 to 500 for $42.99 per month. Enterprise Plan of the employee time clock app for multiple employees can be useful to you if you have more 500 employees, say 650, but need tracking only for 450 out of them due to their nature of work, such as they are working in fields or client sites, and rest aren’t. You may not require tracking for your on-premises employees as well. This way, the employee management application can be used even by the business with more than 500 employees on their rolls.

The Growth Plan of employee time tracking application for small businesses is for small and medium businesses with employees’ strength ranging from 11 to 50. It is available on an affordable monthly subscription of just $22.99 per month. One more version of the employee time clock app for small businesses is available for startup businesses, known as iTimePunch Plus Multi User. Startup Plan of this time clock app for small businesses is meant for use by companies with up to 10 employees. The plan can be purchased on a monthly subscription of $12.99 per month. Again, the app can be used by SMBs with more than 10 employees, in case they need tracking for not more than 10 employees in the company.

!5-day free trial for new subscribers

However, the new users are given a 15-day free trial offer for all three plans of the app as per their intended usage. If you are a new user of iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time in timer out, just register your credentials on it as a business owner, business manager, team lead or HR, and use all its features for free for a period of 15 days. You can bring onboard your employees to see how the app features functions, and how can you leverage its various features such as geofencing, punching with selfie, in-app communications, project priorities, etc. to improve the performance of your remote team members, freelancers, hourly paid workers, and on-premise full-time employees.

Employee-empowering features

Your employees will certainly be welcoming of its various employee-empowering features such as flawless payrolls, efficient shift management, and client billing and invoicing. With accurate record to the employees’ activities throughout the work shift, the payrolls are maintained accurately. The employee productivity reports can be shared with clients also so that they know that they are billed correctly. This will help you retain your clients for longer. Moreover, the app does not record any employees’ activities when they log out from the work shift. All these features are employee empowering that they will surely be welcoming of.

So, sign up for a 15-day free trial of iTimePunch Plus Multi User and get benefitted from its multitude of features.

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