Multi User employee time management app with GPS
Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

Remote Centralized Processing Is What Matters Most For Modern-Day Workplaces

Left unmonitored, the remote teams working today at multiple field locations can result in endless hours wasted. The employees may tend to look busy and productive while they may actually be engaged to social media and personal use of the phone at the workplace. Buddy punching,  late reporting, problem behavior and time theft and fudged timesheets are some of the problem behaviors exhibited by employees that may result in the budget going out of control. This is where employee monitoring steps in. Employee monitoring was considered nice-to-have a few years earlier but it is considered “must-have” today, especially by the businesses with employees working in various locations and time zones

iTimePunch Plus Multi User is a useful employee time management app with GPS which is designed to keep track of the employees’ activities when they are logged in for their work shift. The multi user employee hours tracker app provides you with powerful data for a more efficient and productive team.

Some of the key features and benefits of iTimePunch Plus Multi User punch in and out app are provided below:

  • Provides data for management and compliance
  • Streamlines managerial activities of hours worked
  • Ensures that hours are complete, accurate and current
  • Provides real-time GPS data with synced timesheets
  • Automates and produces efficient work schedules
  • Improves payroll processing time
  • Tracks attendance patterns for policy adherence
  • You can manage your office and mobile workforce with confidence

For industries like construction and landscaping with multiple-staff traveling from one place to another and working on different pay rates, employee management can be a tricky thing. If their working time zones are also different, it can become really challenging. The app can be integrated with your company’s accounts with pay rates for employees as per their location and project, saving you time in computing the pay for each employee.

Providing value to companies

This employee time management app with GPS provides tremendous value to a company with employees working at multiple locations as they can review their hours worked from a centralized system. The intuitive interface of the employee hours tracker app requires minimal training and eliminates the need of contacting HR about payroll discrepancies and time-off balances. The self-serving employee time management app is easily embraced by the employees as it comes with privacy features built-in. All tracking is stopped as soon as an employee punches out for a work shift.

iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time clock app with GPS can be customized to comply with your company’s policies and privacy laws of the land. Employees can punch in and punch out with or without using the selfie feature. It comes with a set of comprehensive features that scale up as per your growing employee management needs. Geofencing and selfie features of this GPS work time clock help keep the offices secure and become valuable for the companies that need to secure access from locations, departments and buildings.

 The employees can also enter worksite information in the run-time and out-of-shift works with instant confirmation of punch details. The cloud-hosted app can be accessed from anywhere in the world;. The employee time in and time out app helps you save time from costly litigation arising due to non-compliance.

View employees’ activities as they happen and manage them

iTimePunch Plus Multi User time clock app for multiple employees provides details of employees’ output each day and you can fix accountability for each task they do. This ensures that your workers are motivated enough to produce results regularly. As the app keeps a record of the time spent on each task, your clients know which remote work they are being billed for.

Remote employee monitoring is beneficial both for the company and employees. Being aware of that they are tracked, the employees tend to be more productive and accountable which is beneficial for an organization. On the other hand, as the employees know that their work hours are being independently and accurately documented by the multi user employee hours tracker app, they will face fewer issues related to payroll and attendance management. The awareness that they are being monitored helps the employees to become more productive and accountable.

Cross-platform integration

The app can be easily installed on smart phones, laptops, desktops and tablets. It comes with cross-platform integration capabilities and can be easily integrated on both Windows and Mac devices.

15-day free trial for the first time users 

Try this super easy employee monitoring app today for free as we are offering a 15-day free trial for the new users. Enterprise Plan of iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee punch in app is for businesses with 51 to 500 employees while its Growth Plan of the employee time tracking application for small businesses is for companies with 11 to 50 employees. For startup businesses with up to 10 employees, we have iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app for small businesses. You can sign up for a free 15-day trial of any of the three versions of the app.

After the 15-day free trial of the employee time clock app for multiple employees, you can subscribe to the paid version of the app with flexible pricing plans on affordable monthly or quarterly subscriptions.

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