employee time management app with GPS
Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

Implement the Right Monitoring Technology to Evaluate the Engagement Level of Your Employees

In today’s world where teams are deployed at multiple locations and employees work in different time zones, it is important to implement the right employee-monitoring technology to get the optimum output from each employee and teams. iTimePunch Plus GPS work time clock for multiple employees provides a collaborative platform to the business managers to drive employee engagement and performance with its multitude of monitoring technologies designed to enhance employee output and keep them motivated to do more. Employee monitoring by a GPS time clock app for multiple employees allows businesses to evaluate the engagement level of their remotely working employees, which is crucial for their success.

iTimePunch Plus GPS work hour tracking application is rich in features such as geolocation, punching with selfie, geofencing and custom reporting of employees’ field activities that businesses can use to improve the performance of their remote workers. The punch time clock hours tracker comes with cross-platform operational capabilities, and as such can be used on a variety of devices including iOS, Android, mobile phones, Mac, tablets, laptops and desktops. With the multi user time clock app for employees, the project managers can get the status of projects in real-time. They can know much each project costs to the company and bill the client accordingly.

Ethical employee tracking

Practising ethical employee monitoring reduces many unethical and harming behavior of employees that cause small businesses to lose money. iTimePunch Plus employee time punch app adheres to privacy and labor laws. It can be set to comply with your company’s policies and privacy laws of the land. The employee time tracking application for small businesses encourages employees to perform and deliver better, thus improving a business’s bottom line.

Fair analysis of work

When employees know that they are being monitored, they begin to work better and their output is also increased. Monitoring employees using a multi user time clock app with GPS provides you a fair analysis of what your employees have done throughout the day or a particular period of time.

Subscribe for a plan that suits your needs

iTimePunch Plus time clock app for small businesses is available in three affordable subscription plans that you can use as per your requirement. The Start Up Plan of the employee time clock app for small businesses is available for $12.99 per month for businesses with up to 10 employees. The Growth Plan of the employee time clock app for small businesses is available for $22.99 per month with employees’ strength ranging from 11 to 50.

One more version of the multi user employee time clock app with GPS is available for enterprise-grade businesses with employees’ strength ranging from 51 to 500. Known as iTimePunch Plus Multi User, the automated employee hours tracker app can be subscribed on monthly basis for an affordable fee of $42.99 per month. You can subscribe for this GPS work time clock even if you have more than 500 employees in your organization but need tracking for not more than 500 of them. Similarly, StartUp and Growth Plans of iTimePunch Plus employee clock in clock out app can be used in case you have more employees in your company but need tracking only for up to 10 and up to 50 respectively out of them.

New users can subscribe for a 15-day free trial

There is good news for the new users. As a promotional offer, iTimePunch Plus punch in and out app can be used for FREE for 15 days by the new subscribers. All that you need to do is enrol your credentials for free on iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app with GPS and use all its features freely. You can bring some of your employees onboard the employee time punch app to familiarize them with its variety of useful features. 

Letting employee creativity to take off

After using the 15-day free trial offer of iTimePunch Plus employee time tracking application for small businesses, your employees will appreciate the ownership that the multi user time clock app for employees provides to them. The flexibility of work and freedom provided by the employee management application allows their creativity to take off, and makes them motivated to perform better. Moreover, iTimePunch Plus punch time clock hours tracker never records employees’ activities when they clock out for a work shift, thus ensuring that no private information is collected and their private life remains private only.

Register yourself for a 15-day free trial of iTimePunch Plus or iTimePunch Plus Multi User automated employee hours tracker app, and use all its features. You can then decide to go for the paid subscriptions of employee time in and time out app as per your needs.

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