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Employee Time Tracking App

How Can You Enrich Employee Experience for Everyday Workplace Success?

Management transparency is an important predictor for employees’ satisfaction. Organizations use GPS work time clock to enhance employees’ satisfaction and increase engagement, which is vital of its everyday success. A multi user employee time tracker app ensures certainty of work hours and timesheets of the employees with real-time GPS data that increases employee satisfaction, productivity and performance. Without transparency, employees may feel underappreciated and become doubtful of the management practices instead of welcoming them.

iTimePunch Plus Multi User GPS time clock for multiple employees is designed to create certainty for the employees by keeping an accurate and real-time record of their activities. Not only transparency, the app also creates radical transparency by keeping the decisions public and as informative as possible. Radical transparency helps in increasing engagement and ensures that everybody is compensated adequately as per their efforts and contribution.

In-app messaging feature of the multi user time clock app for employees keeps the communication effective. It provides an open and candid space to everyone in the team and makes them more accountable.

Making employees feel more involved

If employees aren’t held responsible for the mediocre work, tardiness, unauthorized breaks, buddy punching, late comings, early departures, missed deadlines or other such problem issues, it will signal them that such issues are tolerable, and encourage such behavior.  These small issues may snowball into bigger problems if neglected, and also cost your valuable revenue due to underperformance.

This slowly becomes a team habit, and a few of your employees that maintain regularity and consistency in output and punctuality will feel disgruntled. With its real-time tracking, the employee management applicationensures that team leaders and  the management are on the same page, no matter how much apart they are physically or in time zones. This ensures effortless collaboration among the teams, and makes everyone accountable for the company’s success.

Delivering as per customers’ expectations

The multi user time clock app with GPS creates an environment of openness and trust due to its multitude of useful features. When your organization is open about everyday success, you make everyone more involved and happier of their contribution. 

How your employees feel at work translates to how your customers feel about being treated. Your employees will be able to maintain a level of service that your clients expect with the help of iTimePunch Plus Multi User time in time out app. The app helps in establishing an effective and honest communication at different levels of your organization.

Transparency is built from the top

The app ensures transparency at all levels, including management. It is up to the top leadership to build transparency from the top and push it down. When the management is also accountable to their actions and observes transparency at all levels, everyone in the organization becomes accountable.

Just take care to explain the features of the iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time clock app with GPS to your employees and what areas you are tracking. This will build confidence in the employees towards the GPS work time clock and they will not view it is an intrusion to their privacy. The employee time in time out app stops all tracking activities as soon as one clocks out for the work shift. This way, the employee time punch app ensures that the privacy of the employees is not violated and regarded.

Adjust to your existing workflows

The employee clock in clock out app comes with customization features to fit your organization’s existing workflow. It adheres to the internationally accepted norms of employee monitoring and can be set to align with your company’s policies.

Three versions of the iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time tracking app are available on an affordable monthly subscription.  Enterprise Plan of iTimePunch Plus Multi User is for the businesses with 51 to 500 employees. It can be used to track the location and activities of the employees working at different locations, cities and even time zones. Growth Plan of the iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time tracking application for small businesses is for small to medium enterprises with 11 to 50 employees.

Sign up for a 15-day free trial

One more version of iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee hours tracker app, known as iTimePunch Plus is available for startups. The Start Up plan of the time clock app for small businesses is for use by the startup companies with up to 10 employees working in-premises or in the fields.

However, new subscribers can use iTimePunch Plus Multi User for free for a period of 15 days. Just register your credentials for free on the GPS work hour tracking app and use it for free for a period of 15 days. You can quickly bring your teams onboard and educate them about its features and benefits.

Sign up for a 15-day free trial of iTimePunch Plus Multi User or iTimePunch Plus as per your need, and bring a culture of accountability and transparency in your organization.

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