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Monitoring the Remote Employee Productivity Metrics and Outcomes That Matter

For years, businesses have experimented with options to ensure employees’ punctuality and productivity through various tools such as biometric attendance and specific sales performance by an employee. However, many of these tools are proving ineffective or outdated in the current work environments where teams are dispersed in various locations and geographies and work in odd shifts hours with varying pay rates. Today, employees’ output cannot be measured through silo data sets that do not speak to each other. There a lot of KPI parameters that business leaders, team managers and HR need on their dashboard for evaluating the performance of employees and their effectiveness.

Timely completion of projects, achieving sales goals and profit margins are all important employee productivity metrics. But it goes much deeper than this as the management of profits is heavily influenced by the metrics used to evaluate the employees’ efficiency. Business leaders and team managers can benefit a lot from a multi user employee hours tracker app that they can use to measure the productivity and work habits of their employees without which it would be difficult to substantiate any assertion one way or the other.

Assessing individual teams and departments

iTimePunchPlus Multi User GPS work time clock can help organizations measure the employees’ productivity in concrete terms. The multi user employee time clock app with GPS allows you to conduct team and department-wise assessment with the help of its custom-reporting features. You can measure a range of employee productivity-related metrics with the help of iTimePunchPlus Multi User GPS time tracking workforce application, including the below ones:

Overall labor effectiveness: This multi-faceted metrics connects a number of details, such as shift effectiveness, the amount of time spent on a project and the number of resources used.

Overtime hours: Consideration of the context is important to calculate this metric. The overtime should be considered in conjunction with other employees’ productivity KPIs such as workload and the time given to complete it. 

Turnover rates: This metrics is important for successfully running a business. It provides the HR managers with the ability to forecast a necessity for talent acquisition so that no leftover duty of a leaving employee goes unassigned during their transition period.

Get a comprehensive overview of your teams

While these metrics are no doubt crucial to measure the employees’ productivity and output, other measures such as personal time, early departures, late comings, extended break hours and buddy punching issues should be properly taken into account to get a comprehensive view of the employees’ productivity. The multi user time clock app for employees has many such features such as geofencing and punching with selfie that make it so useful for the businesses large and small. Using the geofencing feature of GPS time clock app for multiple employees, team leaders can ensure that an employee doesn’t move out of the designated area of the workplace during their work duty. This will prevent them from accessing the classified information or reaching out to restricted areas of the workplace.

Flexible subscription plans

All such features of iTimePunchPlus Multi User make it a highly useful employee time tracking application for small businesses as they need not install any specialised hardware or software for this purpose. The employee hours tracker is cloud=based and as such can be accessed from any internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The employee time clock app for multiple employees is available in three affordable monthly subscription plans. The Startup plan of the app is meant for use by the organizations with employees’ strength of up to 10. The Growth Plan of the employee time clock app for small businesses is available for the companies with employees’ strength ranging from 11 to 50. Enterprise Plan of the employee time in time out app is for the enterprise-grade businesses with employees’ strength ranging from 51 to 500.

Get a free 15-day free trial now

However, the new users of iTimePunchPlus Multi User automated employee hours tracker app are provided FREE access of the app for a period of 15 days. Just register your credentials on the iTimePunchPlus Multi User punch time clock hours tracker for FREE and use all its features for a period of 15 days. You can also bring your employees onboard, and acquaint them with its features. This will help them in getting comfortable with the use of iTimePunchPlus Multi User punch in out app.

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