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Locate, communicate and collaborate efficiently

with your remote teams and mobile workforce

It’s relatively easy to track the activities and work hours of your in-house employees, but things become complicated when you need visibility and transparency for your mobile workforce that works remotely. Employee management and time tracking can become more challenging if you have multiple teams working remotely in different time zones.

In many businesses, particularly those providing onsite services (such as construction workers), outsourcing partnerships, home delivery, home care, etc. employees have to travel to the client’s location as part of their job. It’s important for business owners to keep track of the employees’ attendance and work hours from their location of work.

Track your mobile workforce on the go

We have come up with a useful app, viz. iTimePunch Plus Multi User, keeping in mind the need of business managers with workforce working remotely at different locations, to track their movement and productivity with real-time GPS time tracking feature. iTimePunch Plus Multi User tablet app allows your mobile workforce to punch-in and punch-out of their work time from their mobile device, from the site location itself.

Personalized employee management made effortless

The app empowers you with its personalized employee management features. You can receive an instantnotification as soon as job is completed. This will ensure timely completion of a project.

The highly adaptable iTimePunch Plus Multi User tablet app allows your employees to work and punch in and punch out for work using a centralized office tablet.

iTimePunch Plus Multi User Benefits for Business Ownerss

  • The app works across all platforms with compatibility across iOS, Android, Tablet, iPad and Mac devices.
  • Clock-in with selfie to address the problem of buddy-punching.
  • Level up your field operations and automate business workflows.
  • Automated payroll with detailed timesheets for job-labor costing.
  • Share location and seamlessly communicate with teams via in-app messages.
  • Complete clocking history of employees along with work hours and break hours.
  • Employees can collect a variety of relevant data from the field.
  • Real-time reports, alerts and notifications to address any issues and exceptions involving people and places.

A powerful platform for managing teams on the field

iTimePunch Plus Multi User is a powerful platform for managing employees and mobile teams on the field. Business managers can view and approve the timesheets for processing by payroll system as they gain access to 360-degree and transparent visibility of their all employees. Punch prompts prevent errors and eliminate wasted admin time in fixing timesheets. The employee attendance and work hour data can be directly exported to your booking system, ensuring accurate and timely processing of payroll.

Taking the complexity out of managing your mobile workforce

The app takes the complexity out of managing your mobile workforce. You need not even worry about internet availability at some location or a point of time during work hours of the employees. Our cloud-based service works as efficiently even in offline mode. The employees’ time and location will be recorded even in the absence of internet connectivity as the application records this information with the help of GPS satellites. The GPS clock details will then be sent to you as soon as internet becomes available.

Empowering the employees

The app empowers the employees as they can clock-in and clock-out their work time from their location of work from any Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet or smartphone device. Employees can access directions through the app to reach their work locations. They can discuss urgent priorities among team members, upload images from the job site and write notes. One can also use geo-tagged messaging feature or IVR phone call to record time and attendance.

Highly intuitive App

iTimePunch Plus Multi User reminds employees about their shifts. If a worker misses a scheduled punch, an alert is sent to the management as well as the concerned employee. This highly intuitive app is very user-friendly and requires no training from employees.

Highest regard for employees’ privacy

We have highest regard to the privacy of employees. The app will never record the location or any other personal data about an employee once he or she clocks-out for work. You can customize settings for recoding to meet the privacy regulations requirement by the law and your company’s policy.

Eliminate all paperwork

ITimePunch Plus Multi User eliminates all paperwork, allows you to manage employee schedule and simplify payrolls. It provides highly useful integration and file-sharing tools for total project management and efficient employee management with real-time analytics and GPS time tracking, all in one-cost effective monthly subscription.

15-day free trial offer

15-day free trial offer is available for the employers. Just download the app on your smartphone and register your credentials as a Boss, Business Manager or Business Owner. Invite your employees to register their credentials into the app, and begin using it to have the first-hand experience of using the application’s versatile features. Start your free trial for iTimePunch Plus Multi User now.

You can consider subscribing for our Growth Plan for 11 to 50 employees, or Enterprise Plan for 51 to 500 employees. We have one more app for startups with up to 10 employees, named iTimePunch Plus, that you can subscribe for just $12.99 per month. For any assistance in troubleshooting, users can contact Support from the app.