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Gain control over your business

resources more effectively on the go

The real-time GPS time clock provides you complete visibility into the comings, goings and performance of your workforce. With iTimePunch Plus, you can easily view all the relevant information about the deployment of your workforce and effortlessly manage your workforce on the go. Your employees can easily login and logout, right from the app on their mobile devices.

The application provides an easy and affordable solution for managing the time and attendance of your workforce. Geo-fencing and geo-tracking features ensure that your employees are where they should be.

iTimePunch Plus can also capture the picture employee punching into or out of work using their in-device camera,so you that you know that the right employees is clocking-in at the right location. Geo-fencing allows you to immediately address the issue when a punch is made outside the acceptable radius of a worksite.

The application is suitable for:

  • Small and medium businesses with employees across location
  • For business in need to simplify their accounting, payroll and timesheets
  • Construction workers and onsite service providers
  • Businesses providing personalized services at clients’ locations
  • Business with remote workers and mobile workforce

The app is useful for businesses having a mobile workforce that need to factor in productivity and punctuality to drive cost efficiencies. It provides business management information that they need to make their workforce more productive and accountable. You just need to download the application and sign-in as a boss. You can then invite your employees to iTimePunch Plus to add their login credentials, and that’s it. It starts working right away, with 360-degree visibility of your employees’ status and work. You can circulate important messages to your mobile team on the go.

Your Benefits with iTimePunch Plus:

  • Sophisticated location monitoring and insightful reporting
  • At the end of each pay period, you can review and approve employees’ work hours before clearing payments.
  • Convenient data file export to your booking system.
  • Your employees’ true locations delivered right to your screen
  • Always stay on budget and reduce time padding by employees
  • Stop payroll fraud, no rounding or fudging while punching in or punching out for work
  • Online or offline, iTimePunch Plus captures the date, time, and GPS location of punch
  • Can be run on iOS and Android phones, and also on tablets and Mac computers
  • Custom reminders and alerts based on each employee’s unique work habits
  • No new equipment for installation is needed

The application empowers the employees as they can easily enter their work site information. It tracks employees’ locations even if the internet is down. It takes the location data directly from the GPS satellites and stores it. The data is sent to our dashboard as soon as the internet becomes available.

Creating pristine audit trails

Employees can sign off right from the app after the completion of a task to create pristine audit trails for error-proof record keeping. iTimePunch Plus provides complete transparency about the work time of each employee, so that there aren’t any discrepancies in payroll and payments.

Safeguarding employee’s privacy

iTimePunch Plus ensures that your employees privacy is never invaded. The application will never track their location when they punch out of work. None of your employees should ever feel invalidated or untrusted, as the application doesn’t creep into their personal life and doesn’t record any personal data.

Download the highly-empowering, feature-rich, easy-to-use and intuitive iTimePunch Plus mobile app for GPS work time tracking, and have the peace of mind that the right people are at the right location at the right time. You can also consider our other powerful app, iTimePunch Plus Multi User, that is highly useful if you have semployees both in-premises and on-site across multiple locations (included in subscription price of plus).