Employee time tracking application
Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

Time Synchronization and Employee Management on the Go Made Easy

If you have your workforce at multiple locations and need to manage them on the go, a GPS time clock app that records the employees’ locations, punch-in and punch-out time, work hours and break hours is something that you need. The app can help you level up your field operations with automated payroll and detailed timesheets, taking out the stress of people’s management for you so that you can focus on your core business competencies.

Businesses that rely on time synchronization, such as banking institutions that rely on accurate security logs and time-critical hospital procedures can benefit a great deal with iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time management app.

Accurate timesheets for supervisory approval

When enterprises win government or other big contracts, the contract terms may require accurate time and work-hour records with location data and audit trails for specific supervisory approval. iTimePunch Plus Multi User time clock app for multiple employees allows the business managers to accurately track each employee’s work timings, break times, location and productivity for timesheet and payroll records.

The employee time tracking app is highly useful for the businesses that do not have standard shifts and the people have to work at multiple locations at odd hours. For this to work, the employee time in and time out app should have GPS built-in so that tie employee time and shift management can be done in an efficient way.

No more buddy punching

iTimePunch Plus Multi User app to track logon and log off time is highly intuitive and reminds the employees of their shift and scheduled punch. It alerts the management as well as the concerned employee if a schedule punch is missed, or a punch is made outside the geofenced area. The app takes selfie of the employee at punch time, thus effectively eliminating the problem of buddy punching.

Respecting employees’ privacy

We have the highest regard for employees’ privacy. The employee hours tracker app never records the employees’ activities and location when they punch out for the work. Employees can always manually turn off tracking. You can set the app’s default settings to align with your company’s specific policy and to comply with the privacy laws of the land so that the app doesn’t automatically track the employees during their off-work hours and vacations.

Offline record of data

The data is stored in the cloud, non-volatile memory. iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time clock app keeps tracking the employees’ work hours and location even if the internet is not available, and will transmit the data to your dashboard as soon as internet connectivity is restored.

The employee time clock app with GPS empowers the employees as they can have full visibility of their timesheet, punch-in and punch-out timings, so chances of payroll disputes are minimized. They can communicate seamlessly among the team members for project tasks, and get directions to reach to a location quickly. One can also use the IVR phone call to record time and attendance.

A growing interest in GPS work time clock

There is a growing interest in employee time clock app with GPS among businesses big and small. You can get the first-hand experience of the features of iTimePunch Plus Multi User which is offered for a 15-day FREE trial.

Sing up for 15-day free trial

Sign up for FREE iTimePunch Plus Multi employee time in and time out centralized office tablet app at https://itimepunchplus.com/itimepunch/itempunch-plus-multi-user.php. Just sign up as a boss or business owner, and you can invite up to 500 employees for on-boarding. It’s a simple process and each employee or your HR can do it themselves within a matter of minutes.

iTimePunch Plus Multi User customer care will speak to you to make you familiar with the features of the app and help you out wherever you need assistance.   

We also offer a 15-day free trial for iTimePunch Plus, our another employee time clock app for small businesses which can be used for GPS time tracking of up to 10 or up to 50 employees. Employees can log on to the app through their smart phone, tablet, or iPad as soon as they reach the jobsite. You can choose from .any of the above apps as per your needs. Both iTimePunch Plus Multi User enterprise- grade employee time tracking app and iTimePunch Plus time clock app for small businesses are available for 15-day FREEE trial to the business owner, HR and company’s management.

You may feel that your employees have become welcoming to GPS work time clock instead of seeing it as intriguing their privacy or subjecting them to undue prying once they become used to it and experience its multitude of empowering benefits.

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