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Employee Time Tracking App

Manage More Work Locations and Employees with Higher Accuracy and Collaboration

Bringing GPS work time clock to your business is helpful for improving workforce efficiency, transparency and employee empowerment.

If you have mobile workforces working at different job sites, an employee time clock app with GPS will help ensure that the right persons are attending the job at the right time. GPS tracking will also ensure the safety of your mobile workforce, especially if they do night shifts at remote locations. GPS tech is more common than you might think, and most of your employees might be using it in their daily lives, such as for booking cabs and locating their children’s school bus. Employees largely welcome employee time clock app as they are assured of being paid for their work hours.

With an automated employee hours tracker app, you know your numbers with real-time reports, You will be equipped to manage more locations with higher efficiency.

Addressing problem behavior of employees

Problem behavior of some employees such as buddy punching, clocking in before reaching to the job site, taking unauthorized breaks, showing up late to worksite often, etc. can go unnoticed for months and years without an employee time clock app with GPS that tracks logon and logoff times. Such issues will affect not only the efficiency of your teams as a whole but can also impact your business’s bottom line.

iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app for small businesses provides business owners the ability to remotely monitor their time frames in real-time. You can come to know if your employees are using their work time as efficiently, or if there is a better way to utilize them. The application allows you real-time collaboration among the teams. The geo-fencing feature ensures that the employees do not clock-in or clock-out of a job location’s specified radius, and you are alerted as soon as the employee moves out of a geo-fencing area.

GPS work hour tacking has become popular among industries such as construction and home service providers that involve multiple project sites and frequent employee travel. An employee can be directed to the most efficient route to reach a jobsite. Your team members can communicate with each other from within the app, and get assistance if needed.

Manage teams on the go

ITimePunch Plus is the GPS work time clock that you need to manage your teams on the go. You have complete visibility of who is on the clock and where they are working.

The app records geolocation data of the employees and sends them to management in real-time. It provides you accurate data of their timesheet, work hours and breaks for error-free payrolls and accounting.

iTimePunch Plus allows you to manage your mobile teams working at multiple locations. It increases accountability that benefits everyone. Lack of accountability at the individual level can have a snowball effect on a team, and execution will suffer. With each member taking responsibility for a given task or goal, confusion is eliminated, and clarity and efficiency are improved.

Tackling the issue of groupthink

Transparency in rules, the specificity of explanations and duties, allow for the collective success of an organization. Homogenous thinking in teams provides everyone a safe hiding place from the troubling consequences of groupthink. Accountability fosters constructive conflict within teams and makes them more productive. By providing you a complete view of the situation in real-time from anywhere, the app gives you the ability to assess what action is possible at that particular moment.

iTimePunch Plus does not require any specialized device or hardware for installation. All that your employees need is a smartphone that they already have. 

GPS time tracking has become as common as streaming on social media. Many initial insecurities related to employee punch-in app have been quelled over time due to the practicality of the application and empowerment it provides to the employees.

Separating personal and professional lives

 iTimePunch Plus will never record any data about the employees’ location once they punch-out for work, ensuring their privacy and separating their personal life from their professional life. We also have an enterprise-grade GPS time clock app for multiple employees, named iTimePunch Plus Multi User, that allows you to manage a workforce of up to 500 employees working in different cities or countries.

Register for a 15-day free trial

Enter your email ID at https://itimepunchplus.com/ and sign up for a FREE 15-day trial of the versatile functionalities of this powerful employee time management app for small and medium businesses. On-boarding of employees is quite easy. Once you register as a boss and your employees are on-boarded, you will get to experience its all features and functionalities.

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