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Poise Your Workforce Toward Growth With An Intuitive Time Tracking App

Real-time tracking with GPS is gaining popularity among businesses, especially SMBs for whom workforce management is critical for growth and success. A real-time tracking app allows businesses to monitor employees’ activities for efficient management and administration of work at hand. Tracking and efficiently managing your workforce on the move might be easier than you think, iTimePunch Plus is one such employee time tracking and management app that provides you the complete visibility on where and how your team spends time. With everything updated in real-time, you have power and visibility in your palm to know the exact location of your employees and about their work performance.

Intuitive dashboard for seamless coordination

Its dashboard will allow you to seamlessly coordinate tasks and projects among your workforce for their timely delivery, and ensuring that everything is on track as planned. This provides you and your employees the ability to quickly shift gears to perform better for your clients. As an employer, you gain full control over the billable hours of each project at hand, as you boost the productivity of your team as a whole. iTimePunch Plus is a GPS work time clock which is designed for efficient and personalized employee management by the businesses.

The mobile app is useful if your workforce is always on the move and needs to punch-in and punch-out remotely for work. iTimePunch Plus allows you to see in real-time where your employees punched-in and punched-out of work. The app shows the precise location of your employees. Workforce time tracking has never been that easy.

iTimePunch Plus employee time tracking app is suitable for:

  • Small businesses with remote workers and mobile employees
  • Service-based businesses and onsite service providers
  • Business with employees in multiple locations
  • Construction workers and outsourcing partners

The mobile app allows you to do more than tracking work hours. You can achieve the below additional objectives with this app:

  • Track sub-jobs
  • Monitor computer time
  • Know about vacations and sick time
  • Keep a tab on advances
  • Create advances
  • Track mileage

iTimePunch Plus Multiuser office tablet app

Employees can conveniently clock-in and clock-out their work time on their individual device or through a centralized office tablet. For added security, iTimePunch Plus tablet app will also capture the photo of the employees as they clock-in and clock-out of the work. iTimePunch Plus Multiuser tablet app is a good option if you want your employees to come into work and punch their work time in and out with your centralized office tablet.

If your work force is based both in the office and out of office you can combine iTimePunch Plus with iTimePunch Multi User to create one seamless time tracking solution for your business – this is built in at no extra expense to you.

Key benefits of iTimePunch Plus employee time tracking and management app:

  • Know the status of your employees from your palm
  • Send the nearest employee to an urgent callout
  • An employee can be assigned to more than one location
  • Identify route inefficiencies and make improvements
  • Verify entries to avoid payroll and invoice discrepancies
  • Increase employee turnaround time and productivity
  • Reduce the possibility of employee time theft

App with cross-platform integration capabilities

iTimePunch Plus is designed to work on Apple iPhones and iPads, Google’s Android phones and tablets. It can be accessed on Windows and Mac computers through the website https://itimepunchplus.com/.  The cross-platform integration capability of this employee time tracking app makes it usable across devices, anytime and from anywhere. The app is available for download through App Store and Google Play.

This easy-to-use employee time management app tracks your employees’ locations throughout the workday. You can also create a geo-fencing area within which the employees are allowed to clock-in and clock-out their time.

Who should use iTimePunch Plus app

Service industry professionals, business owners and managers, outsourcing partners and professional service employees like iTimePunch Plus employee time clock and employee time management app due to its multitude of useful features that empower them to manage their workforce on the go in a highly efficient manner.

15-day free trial

15 days free trial is offered to all. Once you register your credentials as a boss, you can invite your employees to register their credentials on this easy-to-use employee time clock app. Once they are registered, your employees can clock-in and clock-out their work time from anywhere, on-premises or off-premises. As you will have complete visibility of your employees’ locations and availability, you can have highly efficient dispatching and scheduling of work for employees with iTimePunch Plus employee time management app. The application never records employees’ locations when they are clocked out of work.

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