Time clock app for multiple employees
Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

Ensure Accountability and Better Quality Contribution by Your on the Go Workforce

Accountability is important to ensure optimum output from your mobile workforces. If accountability is not ensured, it creates an environment for slackness to thrive. This results in poor outcomes and bad credibility for an organization’s management. In such an environment, only a handful of hardworking employees will have to carry the weight of a large number of underperforming and unreliable employees, which is not good for the team spirit and credibility of an organization.

Accountability is particularly important for mobile workforces working in teams. It’s here that iTimePunch Plus GPS work time work clock proves useful as it provides complete transparency in the work schedules of employees and makes them more accountable. The app provides 360-visibility of work hours to the employer and employees both that creates and environment of mutual trust and growth.

Complete work site information

When an employee knows that their actions will affect the work of others working on a particular project, they ensure that their contribution is of high quality. When there is a high trust environment, employees stay accountable and try their hardest. This results in improved productivity of the teams as a whole.

The application provides an easy and affordable solution for managing time and attendance of your workforce that is always in motion. The employees can enter work site information as well as the tasks they are attending. They can see work tickets, punch-in and punch-out of timesheets, as well as send and receive messages directly from the application.

Highlight key metrics of employees’ performance

The employee hours tracker app is designed to keep your employees punctual, accountable and more productive. By providing ownership of a task to an employee, they take responsibility for the results and outcomes of his actions.   

The employee time clock app for multiple employees ensures organization-wide accountability, so the senior management can take corrective measures in good time to ensure that everybody is working sincerely to achieve their goals. Areas for efficiency improvement can be identified and  issuers related to consistent underperformance and problem behavior can be addressed.

The management can highlight the key metrics of employees so that they can work on their problem areas and engage with the outcomes of their work. An employee may be praised by the management among all for their high performance that will boost their confidence. Transparency in timesheets, punch-in and punch-out times, break times and location provided by iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time clock app with GPS helps build a high trust environment and transparency in payrolls.

Selfie for added verification

The employee clock-in clock-out app tracks the location of a punch made by an employee when he or she reports for a particular work shift. For added verification, you can require your employees to capture their picture at the time of punch-in and punch-out through the device camera. This way, the employee clock-in clock-out app effectively eliminates the problem of buddy punching.                                                    

Customization features in iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time tracking app allows you to track additional information also about your employees, such as mileage, distance traveled, the shortest route to a location, etc. as per your needs.

Offline tracking during work hours

The employee time tracking app captures the date, time and location of a punch by employees with the help of GPS satellites even when the internet is not available. The data will be transmitted to you as soon as the internet becomes available.

iTimePunch Plus Multi User time clock app for multiple employees has all the features that you need to coordinate and manage the timing of your employees working at multiple locations within a city or different cities. iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee punch in app never tracks an employee’s personal data when they punch-out of the work for the day or a shift. This way, the app ensures that the privacy of employees is never infringed, as they can separate their work and personal life without bothering about their privacy issues.

Sign up for a free trial

Enterprise Plan of iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time management app for organizations with the strength of 51 to 500 employees is available at an affordable monthly subscription. However, for new user signups, we are offering free 15-day trial to the business owners and managers. Just sign up for iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time clock app as a boss or business manager and onboard your employees. Onboarding is quite easy and can be completed within a  matter of minutes. Once you sign up for free GPS work time clock app, you can use its all features for free for a period of 15 days.  Two more versions are also available for this employee time management app. iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app with GPS is ideal for businesses with a strength of 11 to 50 employees. One more version of iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app for small businesses is available for the organizations having a strength of up to 10 employees. All these three versions of the app are available for a 15-day free trial. Sign up for free trial now.

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