Multi User time clock app for employees
Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

Optimize Your Multi-Local Workforce For Greater Productivity And Profits

In today’s global and well-connected workplace environments, employees often have to report for work at various outdoor locations and in different cities and time zones. An automated and integrated attendance management system with GPS tracking can help in streamlining employees’ attendance issues for the companies with employees working on fields and in-premises.

In their quest for higher revenue and profitability, more and more organizations are looking forward to GPS work time clock technology that empowers them with effective time management capabilities.

When you integrate iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app with GPS in your employee management system, no one can falsify their presence without reaching a job site as the app remotely records the coordinates of the employee with their detailed timesheet data. There is a selfie option in iTimePunch Plus employee time-in time-out app that you can enable. A picture of the employee clocking in for work will be taken. This will ensure that the right employee is punching for work, and there is no buddy punching.

Better staffing and budgeting

Once you start collecting time and location with iTimePunch Plus time clock app for small businesses, you will be able to better staff your business and manage budgets for the best outcomes.

The app to track logon and logoff times can help you controls your administrative costs due to forgotten PINs and lost ID cards. It also frees up your valuable administrative time by effectively putting to an end the issues of time abuse, buddy punching, late reporting, time theft, timekeeping and accounting errors, overpayments and other problem behaviors of employees. Automated notifications and alerts allow the business managers to immediately approve requests for early departure, overtime, track team exchanges, etc. Custom reports can be created with centralized, enterprise-wide data. The employee time tracking app can also be used to forecast workloads and budgets for various projects. 

Build schedules faster and share with your teams

Accounts to easily calculate the pay of employees directly on the basis of hours worked and attendance. As a team manager, you can build schedules faster and share them with your mobile workforce to keep them in the know about their shifts, priority work to attend and client locations. Employers in certain areas and industries are required to provide their employees with advance scheduling. iTimePunch Plus employee time in and time out app provides you a perfect solution to create and share fair schedules for your field workforces.

Geo-fencing feature

As an employer, you can also create a geo-fencing radius around a job site within which an employee must punch-in or punch-out for work. If punching is done outside of the geo-fenced radius, you will immediately get an alert. You can then approve or disapprove such a punch, or get clarification from the concerned employee through in-app communication features of your employee time clock app with GPS.

Cloud-based application with cross-integration capabilities

Work can happen anywhere. As a growing business, your biggest challenge is to manage your distributed workforce. iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app for small businesses provides you the support and flexibility to manage your employees on the go with a centralized dashboard. 

The cloud-based application comes with cross-platform integration capabilities and can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet, iPhone, laptop, web interface or desktop. iTimePunch Plus employee hours tracker app works offline as well as it fetches data from the GPS satellite. It keeps complete track of your employees’ mileage, clock-in and clock-out time, and automatically syncs that data as soon as the network becomes available so that your records are always up-to-date.

Protecting employees’ privacy

iTimePunch Plus does not record employees’ activities once they punch out from their worksheet for the day, so their work life and private life are kept separate and their privacy is duly protected. The app can be customized to adhere to your company’s policies and labor laws and regulations of the land to prevent any legal issues. 

Sign up for a 15-day free trial

You can get all these benefits and a lot more with an affordable monthly subscription of iTimePunch Plus GPS time clocking app. Two subscription plans are available for the app – Startup Plan for up to 10 employees and Growth Plan for SMBs with 11 to 50 employees. However, we are offering a 15-day free trial for new sign ups. Just sign up yourself as a business owner or business manager, quickly onboard your employees on it and start using its multifarious features for free.

iTimePunch Plus Multi User is another version of this time clock app for multiple employees which is designed for use by the enterprise-grade businesses with employees’ strength of 51 to 500 employees. Free 15-day trial offer is available on all three plans of iTimePunch Plus employee time management app.

We have spent time and effort in coming up with iTimePunch Plus employee punch-in app to seamlessly provide you all the details for efficient employee management so that you can spend time on what matters the most for your business.  If you do not have an iTimePunch Plus employee time tracking app account, sign up for its free 15-day, risk-free and no-obligation trial now.

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