Multi User automated employee hours tracker app
Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

Time Is Money; Know What Your Employees Are Up For During Their Workday

Savvy companies of all sizes are now increasingly turning to online monitoring solutions such as a GPS work time clock that provides real-time visibility of employees along with their location data, thanks to the uncertainties created by COVID-19 all over the world. Businesses are looking for software with a time tracking function that can keep the complete data of an employee’s activities and also let them provide real-time feedback.

iTimePunch Plus Multi User is such a useful employee time management app which is designed with a harmonious approach between the hardware and software. Employees can use its hardware features such as the camera to capture pictures at the time of punching this will eliminate the chances of buddy punching and time theft. The employee time clock app’s software features such as geo-fencing, punch in and punch out time, recording of timesheets and other digital interactions will help in the transparent and accurate record of the employees’ activities.

Addressing employees’ inefficiencies

A tardy employee can waste 30 minutes to more than four hours of their day’s time if tracking measures are not in place. The app can plug the loopholes of wasted time on the workplace, and improve the commitment of the employees as they know that they will be paid only for the work done.

Without a record, you won’t be able to know how productive your team is. Without a proper record, rewards and recognitions may be faulty. An employee may not be dishonest; they may just find it hard to cope with your business demands. A business manager can easily identify performance issues with an employee and work on a plan for improvement with iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time tracking app. You can identify their inefficiencies, address their concerns and get them to work in an effective and efficient manner.

Timesheet and payroll management

As your employees know that they are being monitored, they will be more focused and productive on their work, so you will get better output from each hour or their work day. You have full control over your remote team through daily updated and accurate timesheets. You can integrate the timesheets with your payrolls for simplified management. I

iTimePunch Plus Multi User automated employee time tracking app helps save valuable administrative time with its automation features. The employee clock in clock out app can protect your organization from conflicts with your employees. For example, if you hire a freelancer on hourly pay and they raise an invoice for payment that you find unreasonable, iTimePunch Plus Multi User can help you know if a particular project indeed required that much time and whether the invoice is justified.

Cloud and on-premises storage of data

iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time clock app comes with cross-platform compatibility and can be easily integrated with any iOS, Android, Mac or Windows device that your employees may be using. No specialized hardware or software is needed for its installation. This cloud-based solution doesn’t require any tricky setup or involvement of your IT team. All your data will be safely stored in the cloud with secure access.

In case you want to store your data on your company’s servers, the same can also be done. You just provide us your servers, and we can help you with storing your data on your company’s servers. Or you can also involve your IT team for it. iTimePunch Plus Multi User is highly useful for the companies with employees working at multiple outdoor locations, such as construction and landscaping businesses, fleet services, client servicing, fast-growing startups, freelancers, agencies and just any other business in need of employee GPS time tracking.

Get organized in your own way

iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee hours tracker app is designed for use by the organizations with a strength of 51 to 500 employees. Its monthly subscription plan is available on an affordable subscription. This employee time management app with GPS can be used on a centralized office tablet, or employees can also access this punch in out app through their mobile phones. So, if you are an enterprise with people working in various geographies and time zones, go for the Enterprise Plan of iTimePunch Plus Multi User automated employee hours tracker app.

Growth Plan of this multi user time clock app for employees, known as iTimePunch Plus is suitable for businesses with the employees’ strength of 11 to 50. Subscribe for the Growth Plan of this GPS time tracking workforce management app if you are running an SMB.

One more version of iTimePunch Plus employee time tracking application for small businesses is available for startups with a strength of up to 10 employees. Subscribe for the StartUp Plan of this employee time clock app for small businesses to benefit from its features.

Sign up for a 15-day free trial

However, all these three plans are available for a 15-day free trial this employee time in and time out app for the new subscribers. Just sign up as a business owner or business manager for any of the three plans of this app to track log on and logoff times as per your need, and quickly bring onboard your workforce. During the onboarding process, you can also outline the activities that are allowed during the work hours, as per your company’s policies and local labor laws.  Thereafter, you can experience the features of this employee time management app. Sign up for a 15-day free trial of this employee time clock app to make each of your employees more efficient and goal-oriented.

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