Multi User employee time clock app with GPS
Employee Time Tracking App

Elevate Organizational Performance Across A Variety Of Metrics

Employees’ engagement level is crucial for the top-line performance of an organization. A disengaged employee can’t see the gaps between their current and desired outcomes. They are not motivated and do not take ownership to fill those gaps. Disengagement results in the lack of accountability that can lead to low productivity at the workplace. Employees must demonstrate commitment and accountability to remain competitive and increasingly competitive. A GPS work time clock provides an effective way to make the employees accountable and motivated for improved performance.  

However, while responsibility connotes duty and discipline, on the other hand, accountability is a proactive and positive choice to take ownership of the task at hand. It’s a personal choice that makes an employee rise above the circumstances and demonstrate ownership for achieving the intended outcomes.

Meeting the employees’ unique expectations

Each employee holds for themselves unique expectations for recognition and growth. As a business leader, you need to see what makes your employees tick, and use that insight to position your employees for better performance and organizational success. iTimePunch Plus GPS time clock app for multiple employees comes loaded with features that make employee management flawless and highly effective for the business owners.

The performance metrics to make an honest and critical assessment of the employees may not be readily available without a GPS work hour tracking app. It makes the performance review process less stressful for you and also your employees. The accurate and real-time timesheet data provided by this employee management application makes it easy for you to evaluate your employees’ timeliness, the frequency of checking their schedules and time-off requests,. All this data can be exported to or integrated with the HJR and accounts department for appraisal reviews and accurate payroll processing.

Providing receptive feedbacks to employees

If an employee isn’t throwing their weight or have issues with some other team member, you need not take them out for coffee or o conference room. A call or in-app messaging can help in increasing the acceptance of your feedback and making an impact. A formal meeting can have an adverse impact on the employee; they may feel as if they are being reprimanded. This may shut down them instead of opening up. An interactive approach provided by an employee time clock app for multiple employees would rather deliver better results as the employee will be receptive of their shortcomings and take personal accountability over their own projects.

Empowering employees

Empowering your employees to take control of the schedules and output is a nice way to enhance accountability. However, giving control back to your employees requires a certain level of trust at your end. With its real-time data collaboration, the iTimePunch Plus employee punch in app fosters that trust and makes your employees happier, as they feel empowered. Shift reminders update them in advance, while instant updates by the punch in and out app notify them about scheduling updates  

When employees have clear targets, they will be able to see the connection between their day-to-day tasks and organizational success. They are inclined to be accountable and motivated to deliver consistently improved outcomes.

Features to address problem behavior of employees

iTimePunch Plus automated employee hours tracker app allows you to setup workplace expectations and align your employees to meet them. It provides accurate and real-time data of the employees work during a shift. The employee time in time out app is several useful features such as selfie while punching for a work shift and geo-fencing that effectively address the issue of time theft. The employee tike clock app with GPS allows you to make corrections to unacceptable behaviors of employees in real time, supported by data. 

Ensuring accountability at all levels

In a culture of accountability promoted by iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app with GPS, employees collaborate to drive the organizational goals. Greater accountability results in the higher rates of individual and team achievements. Lack of individual accountability is bad all around, and you need to ensure that your workforce remains accountable all the time. iTimePunch Plus employee clock in clock out app helps you achieve this goal with ease.

Business leaders have a duty to ensure that their employees are working in safe conditions. While the app to track log on and logoff times makes your employees accountable, make sure that you too remain accountable as employees may call you to justify on their behalf in the event of some confusion. Focusing on the team’s accountability and collaboration can go a long way in helping your employees maximize their productivity while being recognized and rewarded for their contribution.

Sign up for a 15-day free trial of the app

The employee time management app comes in three versions. The Start Up Plan of the employee time tracking application for small businesses is meant for the companies with up to 10 employees. Growth Plan of the time clock app for small businesses is available for SMBs with employees’ strength of 11 to 50.

One more version of the employee time clock app for multiple employees, known as iTimePunch Plus Multi User is available for enterprises with strength of 51 to 500 employees. You can subscribe for its Enterprise Plan on an affordable monthly subscription.

However, we are currently offering free 15-day trial for all 03 subscription plans of the iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app with GPS. Sign up for a any of these three plans as per your need, and enjoy 15-day free trial of its features.

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