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Multi User Employee Time Tracking App

How Managers Can Ensure Accountability And Integrity At The Workplace

Accountability and integrity are important aspects of the employees’ behavior that directly affect the capability of an organization to achieve its immediate and long-term goals. Integrity in the workplace involves character and honesty. The employees showing integrity in the workplace not only understand right from wrong but also practice it all the things they do at the workplace. The actions of such employees set the foundation for successful business relationships, and a multi user time clock app for employees with real-time tracking features can help in ensuring the accountability and integrity of employees.  .

Sometimes, business managers ignore tardy and unaccountable behavior of employees as they want to avoid confrontation. But lack of individual accountability is bad at all levels in an organization. Everybody in an organization needs to be accountable for their work, any tardy behavior costs the organization in the long run due to delayed execution of tasks, work inefficiencies and underperformance. Business leaders themselves also need to be accountable as the employees in their teams will also become tardy if the accountability is not observed at the top level.

An accurate assessment of employees’ metrics

When employees practice accountability and integrity in their daily work routine, they become more committed to organizational goals and feel pride in contributing to its success. For this to happen, you need to practice transparency in your business processes, including employee’s roasters, payrolls and workplace scheduling. An automated employee hours tracker app can be of value for the organizations in realizing these objectives.

By making it easier to evaluate things such as timeliness, the frequency with which employees check their schedules and responsiveness to feedback, managers can have an accurate assessment of their employees. iTimePunch Plus Multi User GPS time clock app for multiple employees is designed to enhance employees’ accountability and integrity at the workplace with its multitude of features such as timesheets, GPS work time clock, geo-fencing, project scheduling, late reporting, punching with selfie and many more.

Inculcating a culture of trust

The punch time clock hours tracker empowers the employees by inculcating a culture of trust and giving them the control of their schedules and performance metrics. Giving the employees control of their schedules demands a level of trust, and the GPS time clock app for multiple employees does exactly this for you. The app reinforces employees’ trust with easy accessibility and informed monitoring. Employees know that they are being tracked and observed. The multi user employee hours tracker app is designed to safeguard the employees’ privacy. All tracking is stopped as soon as an employee clocks out from a work shift. This way, the professional and private lives of the employees are kept separate by the time clock app for multiple employees.

Easy access on various devices

iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time management app with GPS supports cross-platform integration, so it can be easily accessed and operated on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or Mac device with internet connectivity. iTimePunch Plus Multi User can be accessed through a centralized office tablet as well to keep a track of the work of in-premises and field employees, both.

The app keeps a transparent and 360-degree view of the employees’ timesheets, their works schedules, productivity, performance and other key metrics. The app instills a feeling in the employees about you being non-judgmental. The employee knows that they are given authentic listening and space for communication. The employee management application has in-built communication features that allow the employees to respond to feedback received in real-time and communicate their concerns that goes a long way toward opening dialogue.

Plans for organizations of various sizes

The Enterprise Plan of iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time clock app for multiple employees is available on an affordable monthly subscription for enterprises with the strength of 51 to 500 employees. It can be used as a centralized office tablet application or installed on smartphones, laptops and desktops of employees.

Another version the employee time tracking application for small businesses with employees’ strength of 11 to 50 is available on an affordable monthly subscription. Known as iTime Punch Plus, the Growth Plan of the time in time out app features all capabilities of iTimePunch Plus Multi User, except that it’s a smaller version of iTimePunch Plus Multi User with employees’ tracking support for 11 to 50 employees. For startup businesses, we are offering Start Up Plan for the companies with a strength of up to 10 persons of the employee time clock app for small businesses. 

Sign up for a 15-day free trial However, we are offering a 15-day free trial offer for the new sign ups to any of our employee time management apps. Sing up for a 15-day free trial of any of the plans of these GPS work time clock apps and bring a culture of accountability and transparency in your workforce. Quickly bring your employees onboard and experience all its features. It will help in deciding how the GPS work time clock app could be of help for your business.

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