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People spend nearly one-third of their adult lives at the workplace, and workplace issues are one of the major areas of concern for business owners. Workplace issues can lead to decreased performance and productivity, decreased satisfaction and conflict between the management and workers.

Business owners and team leads often wonder how to address the employees’ issues and make the best use of employee hours. A multi-user time clock app with GPS could be of great help to all such businesses that need to track their mobile and field workforce for efficient project completion and time management.

Simply being present at work does not equate to productivity. This is because your staff may have a tardy behavior, and no longer feel challenged or motivated to work. They may waste their time on personal matters at cost to your business. 

Addressing employees’ behavioral issues

Behavioral issues such as employee theft can occur in many forms including stealing the company’s property and money, time theft and time stealing. Buddy punching is a common issue in which a peer punches for a late reporting colleague. Employees also involve in other unhealthy practices such as covering up late clock-ins and early clock-outs, taking excessive personal time, fake starts, prolonged breaks, and unauthorized overtime hours and personal activities at work.

Problem behavior of employees such as late reporting, tardiness, buddy punching and time theft disrupts team innovation and erodes trust. It also costs the organization that stand to lose revenue due to wasted time, inefficient performance and under productivity. As a business leader, you need to ensure that the problem behavior of your employees is addressed in the best interest of the organization.

Create a collaborative and positive work environment

Taking an extreme approach such as suspension or termination to such employees’ issues can be counter-productive and harmful to your company’s culture. The way out to retaining your best employees and maintaining a positive working environment at your workplace is to use a GPS time clock app for multiple employees with the real-time timesheet, attendance and location data that can help you in staying on top of the employees’ productivity. A GPS work hour tracking app provides you a complete overview of how the company’s time is being spent by your field workforce.

You need to instill a feeling of collaboration and togetherness in your teams to get the best outcomes from them. While it is not feasible for any business leader to physically monitor each of their field workers, a multi user hours tracker app can help in keeping an efficient tracking of your employees working on field and in-premises. A GPS time app clock app for multiple employees allows for two-way communication so the employees remain aware of their project deadlines, expectations and current goals of the company.

Keeping employees’ lives private

iTimePunch Plus employee time management app with GPS is designed to foster a workplace environment that promotes employees’ collaboration and motivation. The employee management application is non-invasive. While it helps address the issue of excessive personal time during work hours, the employee time in time out app does not do any tracking of the employees when they are not on their work shift. All tracking is stopped as soon as one punches out for the day, so the private lives of the employees remain private.

Addressing issues as they occur is a much better strategy than waiting for the last moment when the urgent fixing of issues becomes necessary. Employees get distressed when they feel being ignored or their problems go unaddressed. The time clock app for multiple employees allows the business managers to address the issues as they occur, such as those related to payroll and overtime. The GPS work time clock keeps a transparent and real-time record of the employees’ work hours, and you can integrate the timesheets with your accounts department for accurate payments. With everything being transparent, no one would have the reason for any dissatisfaction with the issues that commonly affect the businesses without any employee time clock app with GPS in place. 

Register for a 15-day free trial of the app

Startup Plan of iTimePunch Plus employee time punch app is available for startup companies with employees strength from ranging from 01 to 10 persons. The Growth Plan of the employee time tracking application for small businesses is designed for the small and medium-size businesses with employees ‘strength of 11 to 50 persons. For enterprises, there is one more variant of the employee time management app, known as iTimePunch Plus Multi User, is meant for use by the enterprise-grade businesses with employees strength of 51 to 500 persons.

All these three plans of iTimePunch Plus of this time in time out app are available on an affordable monthly subscription. However, new users of iTimePunch Plus employee clock in clock out app are provided a 15-day free trial of the employee time management app wherein they can  explore almost all the features of the employee hours tracker app excluding some that require real-time input. These features are available with the paid version.

Just sign up for a 15-day free trial of the app as per your need and enjoy the benefit of real-time GPS work time clock.

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