Multi User time clock app for field employees
Employee Time Tracking App

The Smart Way for Remote and Effective Workforce Management of Field Employees

Technology is changing the ways employees work and are tracked in different locations and time zones. Employers now can track work emails, keystrokes and phone calls of their staff. Big data analytics can help in reducing work-related risks by anticipating employees’ behavior. If in your business, you need to hire remote workers, or your employees need to travel regularly, a GPS work time clock can help manage your teams efficiently.

It is critical for businesses to maximize the efficiency of their field staff in emergency response service, freight deliveries, construction business, customer service, etc. Knowing where everyone is working is extremely useful. iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time management app can help improve accountability, provide added safety for field workers and the employer both, and also ensure policy and regulatory compliance.

Detailed timesheets with live feeds

For a detailed glance of everything going on a jobsite, the employee time in time out app provides the live feeds of the clock in and clock outs of employees, and a map with direction. Field notes and in-app communication facilitate an increased level of collaboration.

The geofencing feature of the app restricts where and when your employees can punch time. You can create your own custom shift rules for employees and stay on top of your team even if you are not there in person. You will get alert when an employee punches out of the goefenced radius, report late for work, take frequent breaks, extend their lunchtime, consume more gas to reach a client location, forget to punch in or punch out, or approach overtime. 

Real-time employees’ behavioral data

Actively tracking the employees during a work shift allows the business managers to obtain behavioral data about them, – where the employee went, with whom and how frequently.

iTimePunch Plus Multi User employee time clock app with GPS offers a range of benefits to the business managers, including the below ones:

  • Centralized admin dashboard
  • Travel logs for reimbursement and travel budgeting
  • Elimination of fraud and time clock misuse
  • Details of employee attendance and absenteeism
  • Track attendance patterns for policy adherence
  • Project and overtime tracking
  • Efficient work schedules
  • Maximize employee satisfaction
  • Labor law compliance

Privacy controls and permission-based monitoring

Even though monitoring activities of on-field employees is critical, we understand that employee’s privacy is an equally important issue. The app turns off monitoring when they are off work or running personal errands. Monitoring is done only when an employee clocks in for the day or a work shift. The employee time clock app provides fine-grained privacy controls and permission-based monitoring to build a level of trust with employees.

Addressing pushback by employees

GPS tracking may cause some employees’ pushback that is understandable, and can be overcome by addressing their worries. Employees should be educated about how GPS tracking works and benefits them in payroll management, and the laws around it. In the USA, it is legal to monitor the use of the company’s properties such as laptop and work emails by employers with the help of an employee punch in app provided the employees are informed about it. In Europe, employers must follow specific rules of monitoring. Employees would be fine and accept monitoring during regular work hours; this will also help improve employee satisfaction.

Streamlined processes

iTimePunch Plus Multi User app to track logon and logoff times streamlines many processes for the employer, employees and clients. Your team can punch in and punch out their time using their own iOS or Android device. Timesheets are generated and emailed daily. A business manager can review and approve work hours at the end of each pay period before sending them to accounts for the processing of payments.

A central hub for factual data

Your time is valuable. iTime Punch Plus Multi User employee time tracking app team will be around to help you with its working and provide answers to your questions so that you can start at the earliest. The app can work as a central hub to gather factual data such as time spent on each task, attendance, budget, etc. for various projects. The employee hours tracker app is synced to the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

iTimePunch Plus Multi User comes with labor compliant features and uses the industry’s best practices for tracking employees. Its settings can be modified to comply with your company’s specific policies and guidelines.

Your remote workforce can punch in their time from any device, mobile, laptop, desktop, Mac computer or a centralized office tablet, and you will receive their location and attendance data right away on your dashboard.

Built for teams of varying sizes

iTimePunch Plus Multi User time clock app for multiple employees is built for teams of any size, ranging from a couple of employees to 500. The Enterprise Plan of iTimePunch Plus Multi User time clock app for multiple employees is meant for organizations with employee management needs for 51 to 500 employees. Another version of the employee time clock app for small businesses, known as iTimePunch Plus, is available for organizations with a strength of 11 to 50 employees. Another version of this time clock app for small businesses, known as iTimePunch Plus Startup Plan is meant for use by the startup companies with up to 10 employees.

Reduce labor costs

Our customers using iTimePunch Plus Multi User have been able to reduce labor costs and employees’ no-shows, and significant time saving in work scheduling, invoicing and payroll management.

Sign up for a 15-day free trial

iTimePunch Plus Multi User is available on an affordable monthly subscription. However, we are offering a 15-day free trial of the apps for our new users. You can subscribe for a 15-day free trial of any of these three plans as per your business needs.

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