employee time punch app
Employee Time Tracking App

Ensure Punctuality of Your Employees Remotely and on the Go to Improve the Bottom Line

The impact of punctuality in the workplace is widespread and its benefits are enterprise-wide.  Being punctual is not easy to achieve on any workday, as many employees are habitual late comers and exhibit other problem behaviors such as buddy punching and time theft.

A tardy employee disrupts a project’s outcomes by not completing their part of the work on time.  Those regularly starting their shift later are detrimental to the growth of a company’s bottom line as the employer has to stretch the budget to fill in the gap created by a habitual latecomer. Everyone’s workflow is disrupted as other team members have to cover up the delay. Resentment rises in the team due to the tardiness of other employees as they feel that their punctuality is not respected, and they have to cover up the tardy employees’ responsibilities.

Employees’ tardiness need to be addressed

Tardiness needs to be addressed as it affects productivity and ultimately the reputation of an organization. Punishments, warnings and suspensions aren’t always the best in changing the employees’ behavior, rewarding the punctual and high performing employees with extra time off, bonus or holidays would help in positively flipping the script. iTimePunch Plus GPS work time clock can help in addressing a variety of problem behavior of employees and improve their productivity by making them punctual and accountable to their work. 

Even if some work assignment does not have daily targets, a punctual employee is beneficial to the company as they complete the task on time that earns good credibility for the company by the clients and customers. Teamwork requires everyone to honestly contribute their part to the project work, and earn an honest day’s pay for the honest day’s work.

Make the employees perform at their best

A punctual employee collects his/her thoughts at the start of their shift and is capable of accomplishing their task in time.  When everyone is punctual and performing at their best, the workplace operates more smoothly and efficiently. Punctuality ensured b by the employed clock in clock out app also helps in maintaining work-life balance. When someone is punctual, they are able to finish their work on time and hence remain stress-free in their professional and personal lives. Even if someone is not a morning person, punctuality provides and employee a clear vision of their day’s work and they can map their day better.  An employee punch-in app provides a person control over their day, the employee’s quality of work is improved and they are able to complete the task in a given time-frame.

Workplace thrives on punctuality

A workplace thrives on the capability of employees to remain punctual. Punctual employees are well organized in their work habits and priorities their tasks for success. They are likely to accomplish their task on time as they are not stressed and prepared to meet the day head on as they are not pressurized like the latecomers who have to hush the things to make up for the lost time and thus compromise on the quality of their output.

Encourage punctuality as an integral part of your company’s culture

When an employee understands that their presence is needed and valued, they take up the ownership of the task at their hand and become more accountable to their work. Punctuality is also good for employees as it helps in their career advancement. With an app to track logon and logoff times, the management can review the work habits of each employee during performance reviews, those with positive contributions to an organization’s growth stand out and can be rewarded for their work. Being punctual earns a person respect among others.

You can set up as many job sites and create geofencing radii within which an employee must punch in with iTimePunch Plus. The employee time tracking app shows how much someone is dedicated to their position and work at hand.

Integrated timesheet management

With the intuitive and mobile-first approach of this employee time clock app, your staff will find it easy to use. No training is needed for this purpose. The employee time in time out app comes with a visual map so that a field employee can easily see the visual map for the shortest and easiest way to reach a client location or job site from their current location.

iTimePunch Plus comes with integrated timesheets for easy and error-free payroll management. Moving back and forward on employees’ timesheets and creating custom reports can’t get any easier. You can also export the timesheets to accounts and HR for efficient payroll management. In-app chat allows you to quickly jump into the conversation with an employee directly from the timesheet whenever needed.

Sign-up for a 15-day free trial

iTimePunch Plus employee time clock app for small businesses is available for business owners, HR, team managers and team leads on an affordable monthly subscription. However, this employee time clock app with GPS is available for a 15-day free trial for new sign-ups. Just sign-up yourself for a 15-day  free trial of employee hours tracker app, The app has two plans – Startup Plan for up to 10 employees and Growth Plan for small and medium business with 11 to 50 employees Another version of the time clock app for multiple employees, known as iTimePunch Plus Multi User is also available whose Enterprise Plan is meant for the employees having strength of 51 to 500 persons. You can sign up for a 15-day free trial of any of the above three plans of iTimePunch Plus employee time management app to decide how can the app help in improving your employees’ productivity and your organization’s profitability.

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