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Cross-platform Integration

TimePunch Plus is designed to operate on Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Google's Android phones and tablets, and on Windows and Mac computers via our website. Simply register from within our apps or via the website as a boss. Then add your employees and share their login credentials with them.

Easy Punch In / Out

iTimePunch Plus offers multiple ways to punch in/out of work. With one easy tap, employees can clock in and clock out using their individual devices or via a centralized office tablet. For added security, our tablet app can also capture a photo of your employee as he/she punches in/out of work.

Real Time GPS Tracking

iTimePunch Plus allows you to see, in real time, where your employee punched in to work and where they punched out of work. iTimePunch Plus displays an easy to use map with precise location pins showing this information. Keeping track of your employees was never easier.

Comprehensive Reporting

iTimePunch Plus is built to do much more than simply tracking work hours. Add and track sub-jobs, monitor computer time, keep a tab on advances, track mileage, create invoices. You can also run weekly or daily reports to assess employee punching and overtime data.

Pick your app

Go for our mobile app iTimePunch Plus if your employees are always on the move and need to punch in and out of work remotely.

iTimePunch Plus

Go for our tablet app iTimePunch Plus Multi User if you’d like your employee to come into work and punch in/out using a centralised office tablet

iTimePunch Plus Multi User

Package Prices

Purchase packages by downloading the app and registering.

Startup Plan

Upto 10 Employees


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Growth Plan

11-50 Employees


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Enterprise Plan

51-500 Employees


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We ourselves are small business owners, after searching the marketplace for a time tracking solution that is easy to use, works across all platforms, and is affordable we realized there was no such solution available. We then decided to create iTimePunch and iTimePunch Plus with the intent to create a great, easy to use product at a price point that any small business could afford. We hope you agree that we believe we have done so. With iTimePunch Plus we combine everything a small business needs to keep track of an employee's time, expenses, vacation and sick time in one package. We’re constantly working towards making iTimePunch Plus better and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.


“This app is incredible it helps our business tremendously with job costing and accurate time punching. I was impressed right off the bat with this company because I emailed a question into them and I received an email almost immediately back from The President!! And the second time I emailed a question he called me to better understand what it is I was asking. That's GREAT customer service!! I will be a loyal customer for as longtime!!!”

Amy | August 4th, 2016 | App Store

“Great application for construction employees and employers. The hourly reminders are freaking annoying but other than that it's a genius application!”

John Patton | February 4th, 2017 | Google Play